On the way to trying to build a reputation as a basketball player. Then along the way this man kidnapped his ex.

Garfield High School teenager and athlete Tony Farmer,18-years-old was sentenced to 3 years in prison after he pleaded guilty for kidnapping, felonious assault and many other crimes.

The teenager’s crimes weren’t the thing that would probably shock you. His reaction was another thing also.

Farmer was arrested for kidnapping his ex girlfriend Andrea Lane.ven though the two remain separated since Farmer attacked Lane last April after she didn’t want to reconcile their relationship, Lane had previously asked Judge Pamela Barker not to put Farmer in prison.

“I know he was a good person,” she said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I hope he still is.”

The entire scene was kind of hard to watch. It was pretty painful if you watched the other one also. Click here

Anyway I just want to send prayers out to Farmer and his family. I also want to send prayers out to Lane and her family also. We all hope that they will recover from this and move on.


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I am a writer.I had been writing gossip blogs for years now. Instead of going around Gossip I go around news also.

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